Pressure Care

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Silicone Fibre Overlay BL9962 

This unique overlay helps to protect all pressure-prone areas of the body by reducing pressure, 
Height 100 mm 
Width  100 mm 
Depth 1900 mm  
Capacity 100 kg 

 Silicone Fibre Cushion BL7302 

Silicone coating lubricates each fibre to reduce friction and shear force while preventing moisture penetration or retention 
Height 80 mm 
Depth 460 mm
Width  410 mm
Available in 16,18,20In

Silicone Fibre Heel Protect  BL0637 

Pressure relief for feet, heels and ankles whether in bed or wheelchair.
Height 30mm
Width 100mm
Depth 140mm

Pressure Care

All prices are subject to change without notice

Hospital Grade Medical Sheepskin 

Luxurious feel   
 Regular: 90 x 55 -60cm
Large:   96 x 60 – 65cm 
XLarge: 100cm x 65-70cm
XXLarge:  105cm x 75cm 
Apr Size Kyda

Sheepskin Overlay Superior XD1900

 XD1900, an innovative and advanced woven wool product that boasts a density of 1900gsm along with 30mm of pile
Sheepskin Overlay Superior Blue 75cm x 150cm

  Overlay Double               Convoluted  Foam

Convoluted profile provides increased air circulation 
Soft open cell foam , Provides additional comfort to existing mattress Double W 1330mm x L 1850mm H75mm User Weight 100kg 

ActiveX Pressure Care Overlay

Overlay is designed to provide added pressure relief and comfort on an existing mattress. This overlay is heat and pressure sensitive causing them to soften around pressure points and inflamed areas. 
SWL Minimum 30kg
SWL Maximum 215kg
5 Year Warranty
50mm Depth 
Available Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen

All prices are subject to change without notice

    Full Lumbar Rolls 

Supports natural curvature of the spine
Enhances correct posture
Zip off washable cover
Available in a full roll or half roll

Full Lumbar Roll:
Width: 10cm
Length: 30cm
Depth: 10cm 

Standard Seat Cushioning

 With washable zip-off covers and an ActiveX™ core, these
cushions are perfect for added comfort in wheelchairs, cars, and seating in the home. 

5cm & 10cm Thickness 
Reduces Pressure Points And Increases Circulation 
40x40x5cm - 45x45x5cm 
45x50x5cm - 40x40x10cm
45x45x10cm - 45x50x 0cm 

Posture Wedge

Helps to restore the spine’s natural shape and helps to prevent further damage to your back by removing excessive pressure on the spine.
Foam insert with washable cover
Wedge shape to improve posture
Pressure relieving ActiveX™

Width: 40cm
Length: 42cm
Depth: 7cm (thick end) 

 Donut Cushion 

Ideal for individuals who need to sit for extended periods of time and are suffering from conditions like hemorrhoids, tailbone pain, coccyx pain, sciatica, or even surgeries and pre/post-natal pain. 
Centre hole diameter 11cm 
Width: 43cm
Length: 43cm
Depth: 10cm 

All prices are subject to change without notice 

      Back Cushion 

Ergonomically designed to provide correct posture and relieve stiffness and pain. 
Reduces pressure in the area of discomfort
Pressure relieving ActiveX™
Elastic strap with clip
Zip off washable cover

Width: 32cm
Length: 32cm
Depth: 8-10cm 

      Coccyx Wedge

Coccyx cushions are a way to alleviate coccyx pain-reducing pressure in the area of discomfort. 
Specifically for coccyx pain
Foam insert with washable cover
Wedge shaped for added comfort
Pressure relieving ActiveX 
Width: 40cm
Length: 42cm
Depth: 7cm (thick end) 

          Knee Cushion 

Knee pillow is used to alleviate back, knee, leg, and hip pain by promoting correct spinal alignment.  Can also be used as a knee spacer during pregnancy and can be placed under the legs to support the lower back and increase circulation 
 Width: 20cm
Length: 25cm
Depth: 15-7cm 

          Bed Wedge

 Large folding , can be used to elevate the upper body to alleviate acid reflux, respiratory problems, and back or neck pain, can also be used to increase circulation and reduce conditions such as varicose veins in the legs. The bed wedge can also be placed under one end of the mattress for alleviating head or legs
Width: 78cm
Length: 68cm
Depth: 21cm (thick end) 


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Ring Rubber 40cm 

For sitting for long periods of time.
Inflate to the pressure needed.

 Gel Comfort Cushion

Gel Comfort prevents the build up of pressure in prone areas, ensuring that blood vessels and skin are not compressed or compacted when sitting. Extended periods of sitting in these conditions can lead to pressure sores, skin tears and ulcers. 460 x 420 x 50mm

Wheelchair Cushion - PU & Gel    MM

 PU foam cushion with gel  insert
comfort & support with cooling gel

nylon & vinyl cover (black/grey)

465mmW x 405mmD x 80mmH.

Peanut Pillow 2912 CQ

Soft contoured neck pillow
Comfortably supports the head and neck
Can be used in bed or chair.
Width: 300mm
Height: 100mm


All prices are subject to change without notice

EquaGel General Cushion 

 Contoured pelvic area for equalising pressure redistribution.
Fluid resistant, flame retardant, vapour permeable cover.
Hook and loop sections on base of cushion for attaching to a wheelchair.
50mm high with 32mm of buckling gel under pressure points. 
Dual layer design: - The top layer consists of a thinner wall gel and tight grid for superior immersion and comfort - The base layer consists of a thicker wall gel and wider grid which provides deep postural support 
2 year warranty on insert 
1 year warranty on cover 
Safe working load (SWL) 200kg 


Flotaion air cushion 
The ROHO comes in many different sizes and cells.
Low and High profile.

Relax Easy Cushion CQ

Combination of layers of viscoelastic foam and Flogel
MC2060  sizes 16/18/20"
 Medium - Ideal for clients at a medium risk of pressure issues
Height 60mm
110 KG

3081 Water Gel Foam Cushion Carequip

Low Pressure care
Liquid gel filled cushion
Water gel combination moulds around the contours of the user, assisting in even pressure distribution
Gel is surrounded by foam which gives additional comfort and support.
Width: 440mm,Depth: 440mm
Height: 80mm,
Max User Weight: 110kg