Small Sized Scooter


 The Invacare Colibri is a stylish, simple and colourful micro lightweight scooter, designed for those who enjoy a totally independent lifestyle. Less than a minute is all that’s needed to disassemble the Colibri for transportation. 
Seat width 400mm, Driving width 505mm, Total length 1010mm,
Battery 2x18Ah,ground Clearance 50mm, Max driving Distance up to 16km,max Speed 8km/h, motor 200w, Shroud colours White,jasper Red, Jade Green,saphire, Stone Orange.


 Strong light-weight alloy aluminum frame designed for easy folding and carrying • Small foldable scooter for easy storage and transportation • Lightweight 24 volt Li-ion battery with quick charge 2A off board charger • Height and angle adjustable steering tiller to fit individual users • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use .
Comes in a carry hard case. Overall length 102.5cm, seat width 40.5cm,Ground Clearance 9.5cm, Max Speed 6km, unit weight 25.7 kg, user weight 113kg.

Medium Sized Scooters

745 Eco

 Stylish eye catching design with attractive modern colour range, Adjustable power saving LED headlight, indicators front and rear, rear tail lights and reverse warning.
Overall length 99cm,Seat width 46cm,
Ground clearance 9.5cm, Max Speed 10kph, Range 20-30km,Batteries 2 x 33Ah,
weight cap 136kg


 Brand new sporty streamline design • Full suspension system with shock absorbers which delivers a smooth, comfortable ride.
Overall length 130cm,Seat width 46cm,  Ground clearance 9cm, Max Speed 10 - 12kph, Range 40-50km, Battery 44-75A/H
Weight cap 159kg 

Rocky 4

 Airflow Comfort Seat Loop Steering Tiller Gas Adjustable Steering Tiller Adjustable width arm rests Sliding Rotating Seat Variable Seat Height.
 Length 1430mm Width 680mm Height 1300mm Maximum Load  user 225Kgs Charger 8Amp Motor Size 2.0Hp Maximum Speed 12Kph Battery capacity min 2 x 60 Amp Maximum range up to 50km 

Large Sized Scooters

Aurora S2

 4 wheel adjustable suspension system allowing for more rider control and comfort • Large 12" wheels which provide greater ground clearance 
Overall length 146 cm,Seat width 46 cm,
Ground clearance 13 cm, Max Speed 10-12 kph, Range 40-50 km,Batteries 2 x 60/85  Ah, weight cap 182 kg

Rocky 8

  • Double Pillow Super comfort Seat
  • Width Adjustable and Lift Up Arm Rests
  • Gas Adjustable Delta Steering Tiller
  • Soft Rider Suspension / Adjustable at Rear
  • L.E.D Battery Power Indicator
  • Deluxe Front & Rear Lights
  • Hazard Lights
  • Sliding / Rotating Seat
  • High and Low Speed
  • Shopping Basket
  • Large Battery Capacity
  • Large 330mm Spoke Wheels
  • LED Dashboard Display
  • LED lights
  • USB accessory Port


Brand new sporty streamline design Fully adjustable suspension system that delivers a smooth and comfortable ride 
Overall length 154 cm,Seat width 51 cm,
Ground clearance 13 cm, Max Speed 14 kph, Range 40-60 km,Batteries 2 x 60/100 Ah, weight cap 204 kg

Small,Medium,Large Power Chairs

Ezi-Go Dlx

 Max Speed 6.4kph
 Range 15km 
Turn Radius 57cm
Ground clearance 4.5cm
Motor DC 24V, 90W 
Battery 12V/14A/H 2A off-board  Caster 6" x 2" PU tire 
Drive Wheel 200 x 75 PU tire 
Brake intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes 
Overall length 90cm,width 53 cm,height 92cm
Weight cap 114 kg

Maverick 10

Max Speed 8kph 
 Range 28km  
Ground clearance 5cm 
Motor DC24V, 160W(Rating)  520W(Max) Battery 12V / 30-40AH x 2pcs Charger 5A off-board Gradient 8° Caster 6” x 2” PU tire Drive Wheel 10”(260x85) foam filled tire 
Brake intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes 
Overall length 86 cm,width 61 cm,
Weight cap 136 kg
Available in seat lift 

Cougar Power Lift

Height 124cm
Max Speed 7-8 kph, 
Up to 40 km Range ,
Batteries 2 x 50 Ah, 
Weight cap 136kg on flat ground
Also available in Tilt