Shower Chairs /Stools/Toileting

Aluminium Shower Chair RG5301

Overall Dimensions

565mm (W) x 460mm (D) x 770mm (H)

Seat Width: 480mm (between armrests)

Seat Depth: 420mm

Seat Height: 430-555mm (from floor to top of seat)

Price $120.00

Shower Chair Heavy Duty RG5402

 Frame Width 500mm

Seat Width 460mm

Seat Depth 385mm

Seat Handle Height 160mm - 180mm

Seat Height 445mm to 545mm
User Weight 159kg

  Price $149.00

Standard Steel Shower Chair

Seat Height Range: 780-900mm

Overall Width  530mm
Overall Depth  515mm

Width between Arm 505mm

Seat Width: 440mm

Seat Depth: 405mm

Backrest Height: 350mm

Safe load: 125kg

Price $82.95


Extra Wide Steel Shower Chair       PAT-AC89-20

Seat Height 420–570mm

Overall Width 645mm
Overall Depth 580mm

Width between Arm 505mm

Seat Width 440mm, 

Seat Depth: 405mm
Backrest Height: 350mm Working Load 125kg 

Price $125.90

Shower Stool

Aluminium Shower Stool 


Australian Standards Approved 

Seat Width Diameter -325mm
Seat Height - 460mm –595mm
Max User Capacity - 105kg
Stool Weight - 1.5kg

Aluminium Shower Stool


Australian Standards Approved
Seat Width -455mm

Seat Depth -330mm

Seat Height - 470mm –595mm

Max User Capacity - 105kg

Stool Weight - 2.8kg

Aluminium Shower Stool with Padded Seat


Seat Width Between Arms: 513mm

Overall Width 533mm

Overall Depth 385mm

Seat Height  520–677mm

Seat Depth: 250mm

Safe Working Load: 110kg

Tested to Australian Standards

Heavy Duty Shower Stool 

 RG5401 Baricare

Frame Width 485mm

Seat Width 435mm

Seat Depth 385mm

Seat Handle Height 160mm - 180mm

Seat Height 465mm to 575mm

Maximum User Weight 159kg


B1025S Mobile Shower Commode - Self Propelled

Seat Width: 440mm
Seat Depth: 430mm
Seat Height: 590mm
Arm Height: 250mm
Back Height: 365mm
Overall Width: 620mm
Max User Weight: 125kg

B1021G Mobile Shower Commode - Tilting

Seat Width: 440mm
Seat Depth: 430mm
Seat Height: 590mm
Arm Height: 280mm
Back Height: 810mm
Overall Width: 570mm
Max User Weight: 135kg

Mobile Shower Commode - Aquatec Ocean

B4021 Attendent Propelled
B4022 Self Propelled



Overall Height: 1020mm

Overall Width: 520mm

Overall Depth: 780mm

Seat Height (Padded): 549mm

Seat Height (Aperture): 527mm

Seat Width: 440mm

Seat Depth: 475mm

Wheels: 130mm

Maximum User Weight: 160kg


Bedside Commode       SHH-DAYCOM521A

Overall Height: 820 - 970mm

Overall Width: 610mm

Overall Length: 550mm

Seat Height: 460 - 610mm

Weight: 8kg

Maximum User Weight: 110kg

$ 179.00

Bariatric All In One Over Toilet Aid                      MAX-AUSBAT70282

Total Width: 790mm

Total Depth: 530mm

Seat Depth: 450mm

Seat Height: 465 - 615mm 

Width Between Arms: 600mm

Height Adjustable: 430-570mm

Safe Working Limit: 295kg


Overtoilet Aid Steel B4014   

Over toilet Aid  B4014 
Seat Height: 470-620mm  Between Arms: 440mm
Arm Height: 240mm
Max Base Width: 565mm
Max Base Depth: 630mm
Max User Weight: 125kg
 Powder coated steel 


 Steel Toilet Surround          HOM-503A

Max User Weight: 160kg

Overall Height: 695mm - 850mm

Overall Width: 590mm

Overall Depth: 460mm



Savanah Raised Toilet Seat, without Lid PAT-AA2114Y

The large rear cut-out on the Savanah gives clearance for the coccyx and, combined with the gentle downward slope of the seat, makes rear personal hygiene possible.
Available in 2,4,6 Inch

Savanah Raised Toilet Seat, with Lid     PAT-AA2114L

Savanah Raised Toilet Seat has a gently contoured surface for extra comfort. The seat slopes downwards slightly from back to front, so as to allow easier lowering and raising, and has a deep splash guard to minimise soiling. Resistant to stains and odours, it is fully sealed and easy to clean.
Available in 2,4,6 inch

Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests  PAT-091558873

Overall Width: 500mm

Overall Depth: 475mm

Overall Height: 380mm

Seat Height: 60mm, 100mm and 150mm

Seat Width: 360mm

Seat Depth: 425mm

Aperture Size: 210×275mm

3 heights in one 2,4,6 Inch