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I-Care 333 Bed & Mattress

Mattress Surface Size: 2030 x 1070 
Base Size: 2150 x 1120

200KG Safe working load on long single and king single,
300KG Safe working load on double and queen

Available in Long,King single,Double and Queen
Including mattress

Canpanion Beds & Mattress

Weight Rating – 100kg includes any model of Icare mattresses.
Fabric  Hard wearing commercial grade fabric. Onyx & Stone  
Mattress Surface – Timber slat system
Wheels – Furniture grade castor and glide
Base fixed height 35cm from floor to top of base.

Electric Bed RGBDK5

  • Mattress Surface 90 x 200cm
  • Overall Size 103 x 215cm
  • Max User Weight 140 kg
  • Net Weight Of Bed 80 kg
  • Safe Working Load 175 kg
  • Castor Wheel Size 100mm
  • Height Adjustment 40 x 80cm

Mattress sold separately

CS7 Electric Bed Invacare

The Invacare CS7 Bed is a truly versatile bed lowering to a height of 17cm’s off the ground.
Length 214cm, width 90cm,
Adjustable height 17-76cm,
user weight 226kg,
Bed Only   Mattress sold separately


Standard bed ends available  
Custom timber surrounds are also available. 
Metal side rails
Self help pole  Assist Bar, Pan deck is available. 
Extension Range of mattresses available to suit individual care needs 

Avalon Rotating Bed

Allows user to get out of bed with minimal to no assistance

Dual function – fully functioning electrical bed that can also be used as a comfortable day chair

Overall Dimensions  2324 (L) x 1050 (W)
Height Range  500 to 900 mm , Working Load 220 kg.  Custom two piece castellated foam mattress 
Backrest Angle 0 to 70° Knee Break Angle 0 to 35° Trendelenburg Tilt 0 to 11° Anti-Trendelenburg Tilt 0 to 11° .


 ActiveX™ Mattress

 IC15 IC20 IC25
 No turn design reducing manual handling
This mattress is heat and pressure sensitive which means that as it gets warmer it becomes softer. So when there is a pressure point
developing which usually gets hot and inflamed, this area of the mattress will become softer which allows the blood to flow freely again. This rating is based on our average peak pressure of <19mmHg. For some high risk clients Icare Zerotec covers are recommended.
L/Single,K/single,Double, Queen

I-Care Latex

The Latex mattresses are a low risk pressure mattress but provide a unique bounce back support which makes it easy for transfers.
Peak Pressure: 40.5 mmHg Support Area: 3276 cm2
Available in Long Single,
King Single,L Double, Queen 
Split Queen

M2 Medical Mattress

The M2 mattress features firm edge support and high density foams. This is a high risk mattress, and suitable for the use on all Icare beds.Peak Pressure: 41.6 mmHg Support Area: 3196 cm2
Available in Long Single,
King Single,L Double, Queen 

M4 Medical Mattress

The M4 mattress is a high risk profiling static mattress that is great for transfers and reduces roll out.

Featuring the unique ActiveGel temperature responding material.
The mattress is designed with a section of v-cut XP Support Foam which creates additional air movement for enhanced pressure relieving properties.
Available in Long Single,
King Single,L Double, Queen 


Softform Premier

High Risk. Equipped with a suite of features that ensures durability, sustained high degree of protection against tissue damage,waterflow scale 20,user weight 247.6kg,
Length 197cm,width 88cm,depth 14,2cm,