Pressure Care

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Silicone Fibre Overlay BL9962 

This unique overlay helps to protect all pressure-prone areas of the body by reducing pressure, 
Height 100 mm 
Width  100 mm 
Depth 1900 mm  
Capacity 100 kg 

 Silicone Fibre Cushion BL7302 

Silicone coating lubricates each fibre to reduce friction and shear force while preventing moisture penetration or retention 
Height 80 mm 
Depth 460 mm
Width  410 mm
Available in 16,18,20In

Silicone Fibre Heel Protect  BL0637 

Pressure relief for feet, heels and ankles whether in bed or wheelchair.
Height 30mm
Width 100mm
Depth 140mm

Pressure Care

All prices are subject to change without notice

Hospital Grade Medical Sheepskin 

Luxurious feel   
 Regular: 90 x 55 -60cm
Large:   96 x 60 – 65cm 
XLarge: 100cm x 65-70cm
XXLarge:  105cm x 75cm 
Apr Size Kyda

Heel Protector Deluxe Finish

One Size fits all and is adjustable with 2 velcro fastenings.
This product opens totally and makes fitting and adjusting easy.
Ideal for Pressure management on feet. Also keeps feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

Aussie Footwarmers

Small 5 – 6,
Medium 7 – 8,
Large 9 -10,
X/Large 11 – 12 and
XXL 13 – 14 now available.

Sheepskin Overlay Superior XD1900

 XD1900, an innovative and advanced woven wool product that boasts a density of 1900gsm along with 30mm of pile
Sheepskin Overlay Superior Blue 75cm x 150cm

Shear Comfort

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Slim fit for Active use
Non-slip Rubber Sole
Complete Protection for Delicate Skin
Shear Comfort

Sovereign Snugs

 A low profile moccasin style slipper designed to provide exceptional comfort in a pleasing design.
Slim and Portable
Non-slip Suede Sole
Same Protection - Sleeker Style

Pressue Care Boot

The Pressure Care Boot has Velcro straps across the heel and the top of the foot to make it easy to put on and remove, and can be adjusted to accommodate for foot swelling.


All prices are subject to change without notice

Ring Rubber 40cm 

For sitting for long periods of time.
Inflate to the pressure needed.

Bed Wedge 

Angled foam cushion provides comfort and support to the upper body. Ideal for those who suffer from respiratory and reflux problems 

L50x W25x H20

Wheelchair Cushion - PU & Gel    MM

 PU foam cushion with gel  insert
comfort & support with cooling gel

nylon & vinyl cover (black/grey)

465mmW x 405mmD x 80mmH.