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Getabout FS777

Getabout has been designed to be easily folded and transported, ideal
for people wanting to travel via vehicle, airplane or ship
Open Length:
Folded Length:470mm
Width: 445mm
Batteries: 10amp
Total Weight : 27kg w/o Battery 20.5kg
Turning circle: 915mm
Maximum user capacity on flat level ground: 90kg

QT8-S Portable SCOOTER

Overall: 1150mm (L) x 530mm (W) x 975mm (H)
Turning Circle: 1205mm
Speed: 6km/h
Maximum range: Up to 18km
Safe climb angle:Maximum climb angle:
Motor: 0.3Hp high torque motor (2 Pole)
Batteries: 2 x 14 Amp minimum (supplied)
Charger: 2 Amp
Tyres (Solid black): Ø200 x 50mm / 8” – Front + Rear Maximum
User Weight: 113kg – on flat ground
Overall Product Weight: 46kg – with battery pack
Rear Chassis Weight: 9.5kg
Front Chassis Weight: 16.8kg
Battery Pack Weight: 10.5kg
Seat Weight: 8.3kg
Shopping Basket Weight: 0.9kg



745 Eco

 Stylish eye catching design with attractive modern colour range, Adjustable power saving LED headlight, indicators front and rear, rear tail lights and reverse warning.
Overall length 99cm,Seat width 46cm,
Ground clearance 9.5cm, Max Speed 10kph, Range 20-30km,Batteries 2 x 33Ah,
weight cap 136kg


 Brand new sporty streamline design • Full suspension system with shock absorbers which delivers a smooth, comfortable ride.
Overall length 130cm,Seat width 46cm,  Ground clearance 9cm, Max Speed 10 - 12kph, Range 40-50km, Battery 44-75A/H
Weight cap 159kg 

Rocky 4

 Airflow Comfort Seat Loop Steering Tiller Gas Adjustable Steering Tiller Adjustable width arm rests Sliding Rotating Seat Variable Seat Height.
 Length 1430mm Width 680mm Height 1300mm Maximum Load  user 225Kgs Charger 8Amp Motor Size 2.0Hp Maximum Speed 12Kph Battery capacity min 2 x 60 Amp Maximum range up to 50km 


 All prices are subject to change without notice


All prices are subject to change without notice

Aurora S2

 4 wheel adjustable suspension system allowing for more rider control and comfort • Large 12" wheels which provide greater ground clearance 
Overall length 146 cm,Seat width 46 cm,
Ground clearance 13 cm, Max Speed 10-12 kph, Range 40-50 km,Batteries 2 x 60/85  Ah, weight cap 182 kg


Rocky 8

  • Double Pillow Super comfort Seat
  • Width Adjustable and Lift Up Arm Rests
  • Gas Adjustable Delta Steering Tiller
  • Soft Rider Suspension / Adjustable at Rear
  • L.E.D Battery Power Indicator
  • Deluxe Front & Rear Lights
  • Hazard Lights
  • Sliding / Rotating Seat
  • High and Low Speed
  • Shopping Basket
  • Large Battery Capacity
  • Large 330mm Spoke Wheels
  • LED Dashboard Display
  • LED lights
  • USB accessory Port


Brand new sporty streamline design Fully adjustable suspension system that delivers a smooth and comfortable ride 
Overall length 154 cm,Seat width 51 cm,
Ground clearance 13 cm, Max Speed 14 kph, Range 40-60 km,Batteries 2 x 60/100 Ah, weight cap 204 kg


The RainRider has been designed and engineered to maximize the users comfort and safety whilst still being practical (Automotive Grade Glass Front & Rear Windscreen, Wipers & Lockable Storage Box). The recently upgraded model now has Fully Carpeted Lining, High Level Brake Light , Interior Sun Blind,& Rear Vision Mirror.
Length: 1600mm
Width: 790mm
Height: 1620mm
Weight: 195Kgs
Maximum user capacity on flat level ground: 136kg(20amp)21amps
Turning circle: 1170mm
Maximum user capacity on flat level ground: 113kg

PRICE $11,200.00

    779 XLS - "THE VIKING"

779XLS VIKING provides the comfort of a large scooter with the added advantage of the deluxe suspension system. The 779xLS has all the luxury features and a rugged and durable construction. This Deluxe 3 wheel scooter is very maneuverable and Easy to Drive.
Overall Size : 1550mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 1305mm (H)
Turning Circle: 1650mm
Speed: 10km/h
Maximum range: Up to 54km
Safe climb angle: 9 °
Maximum climb angle: 9°
Motor: 2.0Hp high torque motor (4 Pole)
Batteries: 2 x 75 Amp minimum (supplied)
Charger: 8 Amp
Tyres (Pneumatic): Ø406mm Front / Ø406mm Rear
Product Weight: 140kg – with batteries
Maximum User Weight: 185kg – on flat ground

               PRICE $5,850.00