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Scout Wheeled Walker 

Seat Width: 350mm
Seat Depth: 330mm
Seat Height: 560mm
Overall Width: 630mm
Handle Height: 800-915m
Weight: 7.5kg
Max User Weight: 130kg

Price $ 

Vogue Lightweight 2 Walker

Height: 78.5cm – 92cm

Length: 65cm Width: 62cm

Frame Weight of 5.3kg (without bag and back strap)

Complete Weight of 6.4kg

Seat D: 24cm

Seat W: 46.5cm

Seat H: 54cm

Wheel Size: 8”

SWL 150kgs Aluminum 

Colour: Red & Champagne

Price $

Alpha 426 Walker

Wheel size 152mm

Handle height range 730mm - 980mm

Width between handles 440mm

User weight limit 125kgProduct Weight: 6.0kg

Price $

Days Tri Walker

Overall height 815 -965mm

Overall width 680mm

Overall Depth: 550mm 
 Max User Weight: 125kg 
Wheel 7.5"  4.5 kg

Price $

2 IN 1 Transit Rollator

Max User Weight: 160kg Seat Height: 560mm 

Seat Width: 350mm 

Seat Depth: 330mm 

Overall Height: 800 - 930mm 

Overall Width: 585mm 

Overall Depth: 740mm 

Backrest: Soft 

Wheel: 7.5" 

Net Weight: 8.8kg 

Price $ 

Days Deluxe Rollator

Width Inside Handgrips: 460mm

Overall Width: 650mm

Adjustable Handle 850 - 970mm

Seat Height: 540mm

Seat Area: 460mm x 250mm

Wheels: PU Tyre, Black

Front Wheel Diameter: 10"

Rear Wheel Diameter: 8"
Net Weight: 6.9kg

User Weight: 136kg

Price $

Petite Wheeled Walker BL1126 

Height 850 mm min 715 mm max 
Seat Width 360mm
Seat Height  470mm
Castor 6"
Weight Cap 130Kg
Unit weight 7.6kg

  Price $

Supa Mack Bariatric

Overall Width  710mm

Overall Depth  650mm

Floor to Seat Height: 550mm

Seat Width: 610mm

Handle Height Range: 750mm - 900mm

Safe Working Load:  225kg

Weight of Walker: 9.4kg

Price $

Height Adjustable Trolley Walker

Overall Width: 585mm

Overall Depth: 560mm

Handle Height Range: 755mm - 905mm

Wheel Diameter:  (6")

Maximum User Weight: 125kg

Price $

Knee Walker RG30kw with handbrake

Seat height 430 - 585mm

Handle height 790—1000mm

Unit weight 12kg

Max user weight 130kg
Also available in 180kg

Staring Price $

Gutter Arm Walker

All Prices are subject to change without notice

Gutter Walker Days-230B

Overall Height: 1100mm 

Overall Forearm Height: 990 - 1220mm

Weight Capacity: 150kg 

Width Between Wheels: 580mm 

Overall Width: 630mm 

Overall Depth: 900mm 

Wheels: 190mm (7.48") 

Weight Capacity: 150kg

Tutor Plus Forearm Walker S13823

Max SWL 200kg / Extra Wide SWL 250kg
Size Standard, Extra Wide
Total Height Standard 99.5-123.5cm  
Extra Wide Total Height: 99.5-123.5cm
Total Width Standard  50.5cm 
Extra Wide Total Width: 59.5cm
Gutter Width Standard 14cm  
Extra Wide Gutter Width: 14cm
Gutter Length Standard  19cm 
Extra Wide Gutter Length: 19cm
Handle LengthStandard 37.5-47.5cm  
Extra Wide Handle Length: 37.5-47.5cm

       Forearm Walker       RG4310AA

       Weight Capacity 120 kg
       Item Weight 14kg
       Seat Height 60 cm
       Width at base 37.5 cm

Days Ball Walker, Aluminium

Height Range of Product (Handle to Floor): 87cm - 92cm

Frame Width (Outside):   44cm  - 64cm

Frame Width (Inside)
35cm - 47cm
User Weight: 125kg


Walking Sticks

A variety of walking sticks , height adjustable,fixed height, quad sticks and more....

Starting price $29.90

Forearm Crutches

Both hand to floor and palm grip to arm cuff sections are adjustable.

Maximum User Weight - 160kg

M  - 66 - 94cm,
L  - 83 - 111cm,


Aluminium Underarm Crutches

 User Weight - 136kg 

S (94 - 114cm)

M (114 - 135cm)

L (135 - 155cm)


Fold able Walking         Sticks/Tips

Fold able walking sticks,
walking stick Tips much more....

Tips Starting $

Quad Tip wc-tip-4

Quad tip to help with stability.
Inner Diameter: 19mm


Stick Accessory 

This wonderful accessory
will help you balance your walking stick on table, counter ect.


Walking Stick Strap

Wrist strap for T handle walking stick.

Starting Price $