Shower Chairs,Stools,Commodes,Toileting,Bidet

Aspire Shower Chair     

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Contoured plastic seat with drainage holes and windows Provides postural support, improves drainage and reduces skin adhesion
SWL 200kg

Treated Steel



Shower Chair Baricare

Frame Width 500mm

Seat Width 460mm

Seat Depth 385mm

Seat Handle Height 160mm – 180mm

Seat Height 445mm to 545mm

Maximum User Weight 159kg

Shower Chair No Arms

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Height adjustable

Unrestricted side access to assist transfers

Drainage slots drain water away from seating area

Non-slip rubber tips

Electrophoretic surface treatment to prevent rusting

Powder coated steel frame Sku-AG0240 

Shower Chair Xwide   

Seat Height 420–570mm

Overall Width 645mm
Overall Depth 580mm

Width between Arm 505mm

Seat Width 440mm, 

Seat Depth: 405mm
Backrest Height: 350mm 
SWL 125kg 

Shower Stools

Heavy Duty Shower Stool 

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Shower Stool  Baricare 

Seat width 485mm Height Range 465mm to 575mm weight 
SWL 159Kg 

Round Shower Stool 


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Shower Stool Rotating Seat Round Seat Width: 325mm Adjustment Range: 480mm to 670mm, with locking mechanism Max User Weight: 150Kg

Space Saver Shower Stool

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Shower stool space saver ,User weight cap 130KG Seat width 460mm,Height Adj 490mm to 620mm 

Shower Stool With Cutaway

Compact Shower Stool with arms Adjustable height aluminium shower stool, comes with plastic seat with cutaway front for personal cleaning. 
SWL 130kgs 
Seat width 40cm
Sku- JAN-BE02 

Attendant Shower Commodes

Transit Shower Commode

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Swing-up arms for unrestricted side transfer , Swingaway and removable height adjustable footrest .
Seat sold separately  
Sku- KA114S

Tilt In Space Shower Commode

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The chair is designed to be sturdy, lightweight, and easy to manoeuvre and operate. The tilt-in-space function assists with users who are unable to shift their own body weight

Pluo Shower    Commode

Overall W-600mm ,D-575mm              H-1050mm, Seat W- 515mm,                  D-480mm, H-520mm,

Backrest W-480mm,H-425mm
from seat, Locking Castors 
SWL 150Kg

Self Propelled Shower Commodes

Self Propelled Shower Commode

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3 strap back rest for comfort and easy access . Integrated push-handle for manoeuvrability . Swing-up padded arms for unrestricted side transfer . Swingaway and removable height adjustable footrest 
Seat sold separately  


Aluminium Commode - Self Propelled 

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24 inch lightweight self propelling wheels with hand brakes and anti-tippers -  

Aluminium Commode - Self Propelled
Sku- BTC068020 


Alantic Wave Shower Commode

Chair can be used as commode, shower chair, or elevated toilet seat,  The front of the seat is cut-away to facilitate personal hygiene 

Overall Width: 690mm,Seat-H 540mm

Seat W-457mm,Seat D- 425mm
Sku- NEW-091183698 

Bedside Commodes

Bedside Commode

Commode Bedside Days Overall width 610mm, Overall Length 550mm,Overall Height 820mm-970mm, Seat Height 460mm-610mm, Weight 8kg , User Weight 110kg

    3 IN 1 Commode

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Ultra light and extra strong . Designed to assist a person who has difficulty using a standard toilet 
Sku-  1222355P 

Deluxe Bedside Commode

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Padded arms, seat and backrest for increased comfort  

Front and side skirt to hide the bucket underneath . 

Sku-  KA500ZDV03 



Over Toilet Aid  

Aluminium Over Toilet Aid
Seat Width – 450mm
Seat Height – 450mm – 600mm
Max User Capacity – 150kg
Product Weight – 3.5kg
Includes splash guard, bucket & lid

Sku- RG8590

 Steel Toilet               Surround         

Max User Weight: 160kg

Overall Height: 695mm - 850mm

Overall Width: 590mm

Overall Depth: 460mm

Sku- HOM-503A

Over Toilet Aid Steel

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Aspire Over toilet aid steel. 

Durable non-slip feet – Provide excellent grip and stability in wet conditions. Stainless steel washer within enhances durability 

Sku- BTT145000 


Savanah Raised Toilet Seat, Without Lid 

The large rear cut-out on the Savanah gives clearance for the coccyx and, combined with the gentle downward slope of the seat, makes rear personal hygiene possible.
Available in 2,4,6 Inch
Sku- Pat-AA2114Y

Raised Toilet Seat With Armrests 

Overall Width: 500mm

Overall Depth: 475mm

Overall Height: 380mm

Seat Height: 60mm, 100mm and 150mm,Seat Width: 360mm

Seat Depth: 425mm

Aperture Size: 210×275mm

3 heights in one 2,4,6 Inch
Sku- Pat-091558873

Savanah Raised Toilet Seat, With Lid    

Savanah Raised Toilet Seat has a gently contoured surface for extra comfort. The seat slopes downwards slightly from back to front, so as to allow easier lowering and raising,  Resistant to stains and odours, it is fully sealed and easy to clean.
Available in 2,4,6 inch
Sku- Pat-AA2114L

Male Urinal

Male Urinal 1000ml capacity
Sku- 760-665 


Urinal Spill- Pruf 1Litre Capacity-500ml non-spill capacity-moulded plastic
Sku- CF0140 

Urinal + Lid


Easy to read graduations on the side for measuring

Clip on lid to prevent spillage



Female Urinal 1000ml capacity
Sku- 760-657 

Coway Bidet

This Bidet with soft closing lid and seat has a heated seat with 3 temperature settings -  Front &Rear cleansing ,warm water-  remote control stream of warm air leaving you dry with no messy toilet paper required 

Throne 3 In 1 Toilet Arms

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This Rail enables the user to have support close to the body, where it is most needed. This model has a weight loading of 120kg. The user is able to lower safely onto the toilet and pushing up from the seat is also much easier.