Daily Living 

Tactee Cutlery Magnetic

Coming Soon

The world's first magnetic assistive device 

Restore hand grasping function for daily living activities

Kit contains all accessories - availabke in Small,Medium or Large

Each accessory also available separately

Kidkutter Knives

Coming Soon

Designed for kids of all ages and adults and teens with special needs to make prepping food easier and more enjoyable.
Without the risk of cuts.



Tactee Universal Holder


Coming Soon 

 The system, with 3 different grasping element sizes, includes special cutlery and adapters that make possible to use them with various common items such as pens, toothbrushes or razors and so on.
Also available Spoon,Fork,Knife and Bottle Holder


Daily Living 

Round Scoop Dish

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Moulded low in front and high in back, this unbreakable, round scoop dish is especially useful. Non-slip, rubber-padded bottom provides control when using the scoop feature.Washes in top shelf of domestic dishwashers. * Not recommended for microwave use.


Caring Mug/Manoy Plate

Caring Mug has a wide stable base with two large contoured and angled handles, which enables it to be held in the correct position for drinking.
Capacity: 300ml

Weight: 176g

Contoured Plates come in many sizes and designs.
Sku- PAT-AA5710Y Mug
Sku- PAT-AA5612  Plate

Uccello Kettle

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Ergonomic handle for people with arthritis

Hinged lid with large opening for easy fill, clean and pour

Power Pouring technology  just tilt and pour!Auto shut-off with overheating protection Weight: 820g 

Capacity: 1.5 litre 


ELISpoon Stabilising Teaspoon/Soup Spoon

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Independent Eating

ELISpoon is a revolutionary spoon that enables independent eating for people with limited hand and arm mobility such as Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injury, Post-stroke deficits, or Huntington's disease.


Sure Grip Standard & Bendable Cutlery

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Comfortable ribbed built-up handles help people with weak grasp to hold utensils securely(standard)
The spoons and fork feature a metal shaft that is easily bent to any angle to accommodate reduced range of motion .
Sku- PAT-A703207 

Lightweight Foam Handled Angled Cutlery

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These stainless steel utensils are mounted on plastic stems and sealed into light grey foam handles, to give help for those with weak or painful grip. 
Sku- PAT-AA5557R 

Safe Sip

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Patented double vent system for easy drinking. Spill proof at any angle.

Super elastic grip - stays on no matter what.
Sku- 91001 

Dycem Matting

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Dycem Non Slip Matting provides unbeatable grip for any item. They fit discreetly under items in the clinic, at school or home, and help to prevent items like plates and bowls moving across a surface when in use.
Many Sizes

Salt & Pepper Grinder

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Tilt activated, these easy to use mills utilise an adjustable non-rust ceramic grinder.

Plastic Spread Board With Spike

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This allows bread to be spread using one hand. It also features a set of six stainless steel spikes that can be inserted into the board. The spikes are designed to hold produce, such as bread or vegetables, firmly in place
Sku- PAT-AA528401


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Opens jars effortlessly by releasing air into the jar and removing the vacuum.

Lid spins free effortlessly after being pop. Prevents wrist strain.

Independently proven to be the easiest jar opener. Dishwasher Safe.

Kitchen Workstation


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This multi-function food preparation unit is designed to provide assistance with many day-to-day kitchen tasks. Based around a tough, durable chopping board measuring 500 x 300mm the workstation also features:
Sku- PAT-AA5272 

Pedal Exerciser

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Pedal Exerciser A low impact aerobic workout while staying in your chair.
Sku- RGFEP1 

Gel Ball Hand Exercise

Gel Ball to exercise your hands and to keep strength.
Comes in X Soft, Soft, Medium, Firm and x Firm
Sku- PAT-AA9800 AA9801 AA9802 AA9803 AA9804 

Deluxe Pedal Exerciser

Lightweight  exerciser is self-powered and portable. Provides a great upper or lower body workout in the home, in the office, or in the clinic.
Perform Exercises for the Legs and Arms in a variety of ways, by either sitting on a chair, stool or laying/sitting on the floor.
Sku- PAT-925110 


Can Accessory

Rest your cane on any flat surface. The arm folds flat when not in use to expose the reflector for night time visibility.

Fits most 19mm & 16mm canes


Quad Leg 

Fits 19 mm cane tubing

will suit many walking canes,natural flex for smooth walking.

May reduce hand & wrist impact,can help with balance & stability

Some canes may self-stand,easy to use on most terrain. 

Handy Car Bar

The Handy Bar makes it easy to get in-and-out of the car. Simply slide the handle into the striker/door-latch for extra support while sitting or standing, fits most latches.


Button Hook

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The Homecraft Kings Button Hook is a shaped stainless steel wire which assists one handed dressing by passing through the button hole and over the button to grip the thread. It is pulled through with a twisting motion. 

Leg Lifter

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The upper loop fits around the hand and wrist, and the lower stiffened loop slides over the foot to give control when lifting the leg.

Length 864mm-Weight 78g.
Sku- PAT-AA8620 

Shoe Horn

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Plastic Shoehorn is inexpensive and the long handle provides excellent reach. It also has a hanging loop attached to the handle for convenience.
Sku- PAT-091095157 

Automatic Pill Dispenser 

Fully automatic controlled pill dispenser. Includes two interchangeable lids, one solid white lid and one clear lid - 28 Pill compartment design with up-to 6 alarms per day

Compartments can be loaded with medication for 7 to 28 days, depending on number of doses per day 

 Sku- TT6-28SC 


Pick-Up Reacher

Pick-Up Reacher is a unique lightweight, robust and wear resistant reacher. Ideal for retrieving or reaching a wide variety of items in the home, garden or out shopping. Able to hold 454g or less.Available in 60,76&90cm    Sku- PAT-AA8063Y  - 76cm

12.1" Digital Dementia Clock

Help people with dementia live in a daily routine -Time Mode / Date Mode 8 Languages- Up to 12 Alarms  Automatic Brightness - 

12 Hour or 24 Hour time format - Electricity operated only 
Sku- TTC-DC1201 


Conni Absorbent Anti Slip Floor Mat 

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The Conni Absorbent Mat is designed to sit firm and flat on the floor to help prevent trips and slips in areas where liquid might be spilt. 
Available in Classic-Mid Runner -Long Runner- In Grey or Pebble
Sku- 99-060090-00-1 

Delta RM2 Shower Mat 

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Natural flexible rubber material. Textured non-slip surface pattern.

Suction grip for easy adhesion. Multiple uses in most bathrooms.
May help to reduce slips & falls.

530 mm x 530 mm

Delta RM1 Bath Mat 

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Made from Dry Natural Rubber

Slip resistant surface

Suction cup base

Can be cut to size

Colour - Cream 

700mm wide x 400mm long

Dual Function Lotion and Cream Applicator

The Dual Function Lotion and Cream Applicator applies cream and massages skin at the same time. Comes in a long handle applicator. Simply remove the top of the applicator and fill with the desired cream or lotion
Sku- PAT-AA1818 

Seal-Tight Original Cast and Bandage Protector

Durable polyvinyl bag prevents water penetration. Eliminates re-casts by using most advanced technology to prevent moisture penetration. Keeps casts and skin dry and reduces potential infections 
Available in Arm & Leg

Bottom Wiper

The Bottom Wiper provides assistance with independent hygiene.
The moulded plastic head with recessed serrations allow a secure grip of the paper.Mounted on a light alloy metal curved handle.Paper is easily removed after use.Designed to be used from the front.Length: 265mm-
Weight: 70g
Sku- PAT-AA2650 


Handheld Shower

Handheld shower head 2.0m, Chrome Plated, Cradle Bracket, Hose 

Multi Angle Grab Rail

Ideal for use in Shower / Toilet / Bathroom / Steps 
2 Section Grab Rail: 305mm(12”) - 460mm (18”) Grab Rail Extension(s): 610mm (24”) can be incorporated to create multiple section grab rails-  

Sku- RG5905: Grab Rail 
Sku-RG5906: Grab Rail Extension 

Peened Grab Rails

Multiple sizes, thickness, colours and shapes/bends available