Mattress- Pressure Care


IC20    ActiveX Mattress 

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Middle of the range, the IC20 proves to be popular for most. The medium feel provides a soft feel but excellent support. 

Convoluted Foam Mattress

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Convoluted foam mattress with eggshell pattern for support and breathability

Replaceable four-way stretch polyurethane cover
Sku-  M01-KS 

Latex Mattress


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The Latex  is a low risk pressure mattress but provides unique bounce-back support which makes it easy for transfers 

IC30 Gel-Infused 


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Cooling with Firm Edge.  to provide comfort, support and pressure care for a good night’s sleep. The gel infusion in the mattress helps to regulate temperature 
Sku-  IC30KS 

Aspire Dlx Lifecomfort

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Lifecomfort Deluxe  includes three generous foam layers, visco-elastic memory foam upper, high resilience comfort layer 
Sku - BEM046455

M3 Medical

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High risk- with ActiveFloat layer, provides edge to edge support for users eliminating ridges and increasing pressure redistribution area
Sku-  ICM3KS 

Lifecomfort Hybrid 

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Acute mattress system offering foam-in-cell technology enabling flexible operation as a high comfort foam 
Sku- PTM638006 

Air-Tec 7

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Full mattress replacement system with 5″ alternating cells and a 2.5″ foam underlay 

Sku- M21-AMP-S


Active X Overlay

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Pressure Care Overlay is designed to provide added pressure relief and comfort on an existing mattress. 

Crash Mat

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High density foam to provide better falls protection – 5cm thick- Reflective strip around edge for visibility at night

Floor Mat Alarm

Cordless Floor Alarm Mat and monitor - Heavy duty industrial weight floor mat with bevelled edges and non slip grip, 24"x 48" 
(61x122cm ) 

Rail Covers

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Icare padded rail covers provide protection on the Icare side rails.
These padded side rail covers are soft and covered with wipeable medical fabric, with different sizes to suit all Icare rails 

Sheepskin Overlay

Medical sheepskin overlays, made from Shear Comfort XD1900, come in a range of sizes to fit a baby’s cot up to a Queen size bed. They can be used in a chair or on a bed to provide supreme comfort

Sheepskin Medical

Hospital Grade Sheepskin-  Luxurious feel with 25 – 27mm wool length. Leather side is buffed to a lovely suede finish 

Sheepskin Hi-Temp

Medical Hi-Temp Sheepskin 
 Fully machine washable to 80 degrees Celsius 

Sheepskin Overlay

Medical sheepskin overlays with straps can be used in a chair  provide supreme comfort. The sheep’s wool is very comfortable, soft, and thick which feels great on the skin.
Sku- 005177