Incontinence Disposable

Molicare Premium 10

Pull up pad which looks and feels like normal underwear

Suitable for both men and women
3 layer absorbent core keeps skin dry 

PKT X 14
Sku- Molicare10

Molicare Premium 8

Maintains the skin pH and reduces the risk of incontinence related skin irritation

Inner leakage cuffs for maximum leakage protection

Odour neutralisers for high level confidence PKT x 14

Molicare Premium 6

Soft textile like materials for ultimate wearing comfort

Tear open side seams for easy changing,users

moderate to heavy incontinence
PKT x 14

Molicare  Slip

Air active breathable

Soft, water-repellent anti-leak cuffs provide additional leakage protection Re-closable hook and loop.
Available in
Extra Plus Sku- 15310101
Super Plus Sku 15310186
Super Sku- 15310125

PKT 30

Lille Supreme

Lille Suprem Form Super Plus Unisex White 700x360mm Unisex 2740ml White Pkt 20
Sku- LSFM5161BR-05 

Lille Suprem Fit Maxi

Lille Suprem Fit Maxi 3550 Ml Large Waist 105 150cm Unisex Pkt 20


Lille Suprem Fit Super Plus

Lille Suprem Fit Super Plus Large Waist 105 150cm Unisex 2950ml Pkt 22

Sku- LSFT7331BR-06 

Lille Suprem Form Maxi Unisex

Lille Suprem Form Maxi Unisex White 700x360mm Unisex 2920ml White Pkt 20
Sku- LSFM5171BR-05 

I D Pants Plus

I D Pants Plus Large 100 145 Cm 1590 Ml Pkt 14


ID Pants Super

I D Pants Super X Large 130 170cm 1950ml Pkt 12
Sku- 5531475120 

ID Slips

I D Expert All In One Briefs Slip Plus X Large 120 170 Cm 3200ml Pkt 14
Sku-  5630460140 

ID Soft Feel

I D Pants Soft Feel Super Medium Waist 80 120cm 1550mlPkt 14

I D Junior Pants

I D Comfy Junior Pants 24- 47 Kg 8 15 Yrs Pkt 14


Medline Youth

Medline Drytime Youth Underwear 18 32 Kg Small/Medium 900ml Pkt 15

Sku-  MSC23001A 

I D Junior Slips

I D Comfy Junior Slip Xsmall 40 - 70 Cm 1550ml Pkt 14

I D Junior Pants

I D Comfy Junior Pants 17- 27 Kg 4 7 Yrs Pkt 14
Sku- 5501135140-01 

Urology Products


Catheters available in various brands and sizes.

Leg Bags

Leg bags available in various brands and sizes

A4 Drainage Bags

Drainage bags available in various brands and sizes

Catheter Packs

Catheter Change Pack 

Tena Bedpads

Tena Underpad 60cmx90cm
A disposable waterproof underpad. The pad has sealed edges to prevent leakage. 
Sku- 770120 

Lifree Wipes

The wipes have added Aloe Vera and the packet has a resealable lid. There are 50 wipes per pack
Sku- LFWP50 


Cello Bed Protector Standard 40cmx60cm 350ml 
Sku- IP4640 

Molicare Wipes

Extra large and extra soft cleansing wipes

Quick and gentle cleansing

pH 5.5 to maintain the skin's natural protection layer
Pkt 50
Sku- 995038